Space Writer

A woman living in space, but unable to live the space adventurer life.

A Little Action

A proof of concept (in 53 panels) I put together about a girl fighting a skull man in the forest

Full non-slideshow version below

NBA 2K16

A fast set of first draft storyboards I did for Visual Concepts. Sadly most of this was cut out of the final in game cinematics.

Loose Cannon Claptrap - Tales from the Crimson Raiders HQ

Student produced short animation done in collaboration with 2K/Gearbox Software and the Academy of Art University. This was part of three animations that were produced as the result of a student competition to write and pitch story concepts to the 2K & Gearbox staff.

I was the writer, storyboard artist, and director for the short. I also oversaw development of voiceover, sound effects, music, lighting, and general effects

The final set of working storyboards for the Loose Canon Claptrap short.

Max's Adventure

Max's Adventure is a children's story app that was designed to incorporate cinematic story animations along with player controlled mini games. The story featured a multi-path story where intro animations would change depending on player choices. The flying segment below was one part, the others were a jungle explorer, a deep sea diver, and a pirate ship captain.

A second test animatic without sound

Telltale Games Test Animatic

The animatic test I made for Telltale Games back in 2013. This was for the Cinimatic Artist position that I got.