Video game cinematics from Telltale Games

Tales from the Borderlands

Created the Fiona frame story intro from first pass through release. This included camera and character blocking & layout. Incorporating the name card into the scene. And swapping costumes set and environment for the flashback sequences. The polish team modified some cameras at 0:39 which is why the sand on the floor looks weird.

Incorporated redesigns and new writing for Sasha. The character traits for Sasha were changed between the game demo and release so I needed to swap and trim most of the shots to reflect the writing and character mood changes. Mostly involved reworking shots without breaking the existing continuity.

Streamlined writing and timing changes after the demo. As well as working with the content programmers to make sure all the new and revised objects were working properly.


Game of Thrones

Created the Frostfinger intro from first pass through rescoping and release. I did the camera blocking and character layout from the beginning. About 3/4th of the way through a chunk of the sequence was cut so I had to figure out a reason for Frostfinger to move around without it being too weird.


The Walking Dead Season 2

Worked on this in the early days of the scene. Mostly camera blocking, layout, and scene pacing. Most of the actual character positioning remained but the acting cues were moved. The Arvo struggle I planned still remained mostly intact.

Handled from blocking through ratings. The sequence was cut down a fair amount. But most everything except the acting polish remains.


The Wolf Among Us

Created this scene from blocking & layout through polish. This was the penultimate shot in the series so there a lot of conditionals to work around, depending on choices. I think there were four separate character stations that needed to flow into each other.

Handled from blocking through polish (toad conversation polish only). A small team ended up working on this scene due to scheduling conflicts. So my contribution started with about half of the total but then got pushed down to a small conversation.

Mostly first pass camera and character blocking.